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My journey as a psychology and statistics tutor enchants, capers, and storms my world. Psych n Stats Tutor services are one of the most unique in this great southern land.  Tailoring the 1-to-1  session is magick for the student and me (read some testimonials). Recently, I've decided to tack and re-focus on crisp practical study solutions and resources for students like you. 

Advancing, I draw on my adventures as an undergrad and postgrad to create a treasure trove of academic resources. Some paid, most free.

The student experience  did not map smoothly onto my turbulent mind. My wayfaring through theories and models, required much grappling with the literature and foreign concepts, as well as with 'Knowledge Gatekeepers'. Wright odyssey!

Quest accepted, I threaded the needle in wonder,  rascal that I am, at times with trepidation,  balancing empiricism and intuition. I do not have words to share with you the awe and wonder  experienced  at the crest of academic understanding.

Time, patience, and endurance gleaned rewards, intrinsic  and extrinsic. The bounty is there for you to share too, when you realise the ways that are particular to how you learn. No trix, simply self-curiosity and application the knowledge, critique , and synthesis skills delivered in class.

Values, what is relevant, what is worthy of my time,  efforts, and sacrifices, I learnt to set my compass by. Taking more responsibility for how I venture to my destination, put me at the helm of my learning experience. Breakthrough!





  Odysseus and Polyphemus,  Arnold Böcklin, 1896, oil and tempura on panel. Public domain,