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This is (to be) my legendary landing page for all things freebie.


Across time, I will add more stickers, bujo/note taking printables, data collection trackers , and self-care resources.

Focus your attention and level up your mindfulness with a set of templates to print your own 'psychology student' stickers. These striking stickers can help you to stay on track  by creating a sense of belongingness to a community of practice.

Pop onto  to your water bottle, laptop/pc/mac, car, or treadly; enhance your textbooks or binders. Stick one on your hat!
Download the templates for free by clicking on the pic. Or check out the 
Store options

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Network and conceptually blend across your subject topics by incorporating one of my learning tools. Grounded in educational psyc theories and evidence-based practices which reflect the intuitive practices of the Ancients.  May they add wind to your sails ~

The 30-Day Psychology Class Challenge! A4 poster can be downloaded by clicking on the pic. Set yourself the goal to work through one activity per day for a month, and I'm 95% confident you will see a real-world difference in your assessment critiques and synthesis. Great resource for study groups too.  Click on the pic to download.

I'd be delighted to see a pic of your activity in action! With your permission I can give you a shout-out on my blog, ytube and buy-me-a-coffee streams.

Stats Literacy Resources
Normal distribution

Print, laminate, draw curves, wipe off, repeat. Review class materials, compare distributions, enhance interpretation of journal article descriptive on the pic to download.


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