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Grief Therapy Worksheets

A Neuroscience Approach



1. When you open your file in Abode Reader you will see light blue boxes where you can type (the light blue will not show on printing)

2. The fillable font is Ariel 12 font

3. Press Enter for a new line of text

4. As part of the copyright protection, the layout of the document pages, including the existing text cannot be changed (although you can upload a text image to replace relevant headings; and re-arrange the pages in Abode Acrobat Pro DC)

5. Save and or print

Plot a Course

Outline: Planning is the secret sauce to an assessment.

​​​​​​​Class Materials: Start to fill in your outline with relevant details from lecture slides and class readings. Seriously!


Embark & Track

Start 1st draft: It'll be hotch-potch and missing 'ideal' words~ that's ok; 5mins of something vs 20mins of nothing
Rubric check other drafts: Continually compare your next drafts' content against the assignment rubric

Reflect & Tack

Reflect: Critically evaluate your personal response to the assignment process













Tack: What ways of your doing the/an assignment needs changing for the next cycle?



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