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Apply Your Psychology Learning: Example, Pallet Places Cairns

A brilliant way to deepen your psychology and statistic learning, is to apply your skills.

For example, I volunteer in my community in Cairns to enhance recycling and sustainability efforts. Weekly I get several calls and emails from residents wanting to source pallets for home projects.

I needed a way to decrease my time answering calls and emails, whilst enabling people to know about free pallet places in the city. Also, I saw an opportunity for fundraising and approached the Cairns Turtle Rehab Centre about accepting donations from those visiting the web page. And, the activity would provide my home based tutoring biz with exposure, as I am the sponsor of the page. Winfinity!

Some of the skills that I drew on included; ethical planning and organisation, marketing and UX, visual design and web page navigation, and community networking. In terms of demonstrating my graduate skills, I was proactive, took the initiative, saw a gap in community needs and problem-solved an option to it, displayed my leadership capacities and an ability to be self-motivated.

To level up my application of statistical skills, I will review the stats for the site every 6 months (as I am more than a bit busy) Later, when the not-for-profit volunteer crew have less on their plate (lol!), I will chat with them about analysing donations raised via the site. At the moment I simply link to their donation page.

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