Promotion of Lifelong Learning Cultures: Analysis of Pedagogic Identities

Recently~ across the month! I re-worked a 2011 assignment for EDU8406: Theories for Learning Futures at USQ. This was a subject in my studies for my Grad. Cert. in Tertiary Teaching and Learning Development. As well a group essay to unpack pedagogic identities to cultivate lifelong learners, we needed a concept map to guide the analysis.

I tried unsuccessfully to make contact with classmates. So I drew on our assessment pieces to re-analyse PIs from a different and perspective. I also re-formulated the concept map into a document I believe is now simpler to navigate, at least when in conjunction with the written piece.

Continual change necessitates fluid response from the lifelong learner. Active engagement in the learning process requires an eclectic mix of resilient spirit, techne and praxis to sight, time, position and journey life-wide. I am interested in your conceptions of PIs using the provided criteria for analysis; or simply a critique of my current interpretations. Concept Map

concept map learning futures pedogogy