A Critical Reflection on My Teaching & Learning Event


As part of a constructivist learning experience, presentation of a teaching and learning event was set as my first assignment. The following critical reflection of my performance will also incorporate peer appraisals, a SWOT analysis and a discussion to relate how this new knowledge informs my anticipated learning goals for my TCEP and my role as a tertiary educator.

Reflections on my performance

I am happy that I provided a student-centered experience with my event, and I was rapt that the class interacted with me throughout the event. These are two critical feature of Biggs (2001) third level of teaching, as they show a focus on what the student does to facilitate their own learning. Aspects that I felt did not go as well was that my definition should have come earlier in the presentation, a video link did not work and I forgot to record it. However, I was able to maintain the flow of the activity and the students did complete the task successfully.

Analysis of Peer Review Feedback

Peer review indicated that I need to practice de-cluttering my work. Being autistic it was not surprising to me when I realised that I had misinterpreted part of the assignment rubric and gave numerous Theme 1 and or 2 justifications for each section of my presentation. My concept map used for planning the even