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Draft Feedback on Psychology Assignment or Thesis

Can you read and comment on my draft? Am I on the right track? How do I get started writing my assignment? All common psychology student questions about my online tutoring services. You can submit your draft for feedback here

psychology assignment psychology thesis draft feedback comment review

The benefits to you as a student developing their academic voice writing skills, are numerous...but I'll restrict myself to the top 5 ~:-)

📝 Strengthen your links between lecture topics, research methods, and real-world relevance

Expand your critical thinking skills via journal article/readings discussions

📣 Amplify your statistical literacy capacity as a future psychologist

🤩 Deepen your appreciation for critical self-reflection practices in the workplace

⌨️ Enhance your academic voice (writing skills) and evidence-based argument ⛓️ Develop your collegial networking skills and competencies

🎓 Enrich your self-efficacy as a prepared graduate of the psychological sciences


Can I watch you edit my draft? is another frequent question from psychology student clients. We use Zoom share screen, and the student gets to see the in-the-moment iterative process that occurs when I review a draft assignment.

It's messy ~:-)

I liken draft revision to 'moving furniture around', stuff is put everywhere for a short time, placed elsewhere and perhaps moved back by the end of the process. However, by engaging with the material in this way, together, the student and I are able to unpack, reorder, and sculpt their draft to a streamlined answer of the topic question.

My feedback on a draft assignment usually consists of saying things like, "Too wordy, rather reorder your sentence like this...." Or "This sentence contradicts the previous one". Also, "This is unclear, do you mean [a] or [b]".

Often I make suggestions as to where to put a citation or a statistic (e.g., a %), or where to put an example. As well, I provide question prompts to encourage the student to illustrate their critical thinking skills more explicitly.

I comment and move-some-things-about, in a similar way when I am reviewing a student's assignment draft via an emailed copy.

Testimonials from students who have averaged 5-7 drafts per 1150 words:

"You're amazing! Thank you so much. It's so much better : )"

~ M.R. 3rd year Naturopathy, VIC

"Thank you so much and you are a rockstar!!! ~ T. C., PhD candidate Social Work, QLD

"Thank you for taking the time to edit ... I really appreciate all your support you have given me this week!!" ~ B. C., 2nd year Nursing, SA

"Thanks so much. You are very kind and patient reassuring me. Don’t know what I would do without you!!! Thanks (needed your magic wand on this one)." ~ C. J., 3rd year Psychology, VIC In case you missed it, You can submit your draft for feedback here

Light & Life~

Charmayne (B.Psyc.Hons; Grad. Cert. Tert. Teaching)

Reference Winstone, N.E. (2022). Characterising feedback cultures in higher education: an analysis of strategy documents from 134 UK universities. Higher Education. Advanced online publication.

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