TCEP for Char Paul: Let the Journey Begin

Stage 1: My Goals for the next 6-18 months

My goal is to continue ongoing professional development following this subject with activities that will enhance my capacity as an educator, mentor and researcher in the field of adult education. My teaching and learning environment is predominantly online and my professional practice approach will continue to draw predominantly on constructivist learning and teaching principles. To achieve continual improvement of professional practices, a series of action-orientated activities will be initiated:

1. Completion of My GC Tertiary Teaching and Learning

i) EDU5173 (Assessment, Evaluation and Learning) is currently being completed and will help me to continue to design effective and meaningful instruments of measurement for assessment purposes. Better understanding of the links between assessment, evaluation and learning will enhance my capacity to create assessment for learning (Arnold & Ryan, 2003).

ii) EDU8406 (Theories for Learning Futures) commences in Semester 2 and will enable me to

draw on and enrich my understanding of contemporary learning and teaching theories presented in the current ED5702 and 5173 courses. A better understanding of how such theories and issues can influence student engagement and subsequent learning and workpl