Streamline with Born to Swim

Today's guest blogger is Allison Tyson of Born to Swim, and author of the Learn to Swim the Australian Way Series Swimming learning, like any other learning, is a sequential process of steps and 'forms'. Failure... can be demotivating in learn-to-swim and have lifelong negative consequences in terms of self-efficacy and choice of leisure and or sports activities (e.g., Peden & Franklin, 2020). Allison's most recent post reiterates the critical importance of children having positive aquatic experiences when learning to swim.

... This is how I feel about teaching when it comes to swimming. Like 'bad Math', allowing a beginner swimmer to continuously practice 'bad technique' only reinforces more 'bad technique'. This slows the learn to swim journey down considerably (that's your time & money) and causes more harm further along in their journey when more complex skill acquisition is required of them.