Can AI Become Self Aware?

Grizwald Grim is the YouTube channel I visit for my daily mental health dose of thriving community, meaning making and dynamic dialogues. Last week Griz hosted a ‘fringe encounter’ with Hyon Schu, an active community member and M. Phil candidate. Highly recommended viewing (40 mins), for students learning about human agency in social cog theory, or the philosophy of AI and human interaction. Be prepared for 'savings throws'~ it's for your own protection ~:-)


Scroll down for timestamps (also a pinned comment on the vid link)

The lively discussion begins with Schu’s summary of his thesis topic: Potential outcomes of tech-human interactions. The philosophy of artificial intelligence is often a topic in cog sci classes, usually in the week when readings focus on consciousness. I like Schu’s perspective that AI is not positioned to ‘take over the world’ (i.e., self aware AI), nor likely to be. Though, as Griz points out, vid interviews of Elon Musk present a less than hopeful outcome…I love Terminator, and King’s Maximum Overdrive scared me to bits a