Little Hans: A Review of Freud's Analysis

1. The reason of why the patient was being seen Little Hans had a phobia of horses (As Psychology, 2005) which made life difficult in Victorian times, as horses and carriages were the norm for transport. Initial reports about Hans came directly from his family, mostly his father, who reported that at age 3 Hans had cultivated a deep interest in his "widdler" (his penis). Further, this interest by Hans had extended to the "widdlers" that other people were assumed to have. On one occasion he even asked his mother, "…do you have a widdler too?" At this time his dreams and fantasies seemed to have widdlers and widdling as dominant themes (As Psychology, 2005).

At age 3 and a /2 years, Hans was told by his mother not to touch his widdler or she would call the doctor to come around to cut it off. At this time, his mother also birthed his sister Hanna. Further, his mother sometimes threatened to leave the family for good. It appears that Hans was incredibly jealous of his sibling at first. Although his feelings of jealousy appeared to wane after a few months. Hans had also developed a significant interest in other children, especially girls it seems. He began to form emotional attachments to them (As Psychology, 2005).

At around age 5, Han's father was concerned enough to contact Freud. The description the father gave of Hans was that the dominant problem was, “He is afraid a horse will bite him in the street, and this fear seems somehow connected with his having been frightened by a large penis’. In his letter to Freud the fath