What If? Creative problem-solving in unlikely situations

I remember have heated debates with my boyfriend at the time over dinner as I collated notes for the student. Later, it was a great exercise for me too to write answers to the propositions. I can see now, how I would answer some things differently, so likely a future post will have an updated version of my responses. How would you respond to the propositions presented...?

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"Proposition 1- Earthlings, faced with rapidly dwindling natural resources necessary to sustain life, discover a very earthlike planet in a nearby solar system, but still representing a journey that will take something excess of 100 years. Earthlings determine that a few hundred thousand people could be transported by means of a fleet of nuclear-powered spacecraft, understanding that it will be necessary to send families in order to arrive with a viable population of young people capable of taking up the task of establishing the first settlements. It is suspected, however, that the planet-we'll call Eden2-may be home to a technologically advanced species, given some of the evidence gathered over time by astronomers and space science missions. There is very little information, though the assumption is that Earthlings might not be welcomed with open arms. Problem: Should we look elsewhere? If not, how should we approach Eden2? Shall we ask the inhabitants for permission, try to work out a deal? Or, should we attempt a conquest?” (Anonymous, 2007). Response

As the Earth is depleted in resources and none of the available options within the problem include finding ways to maintain life of some from on Earth, we need to think about the assumptions we are making to solve our problem: 1) Look elsewhere besides Eden2