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Four Levels of Measurement Poster

Levels of Measurement (LOM) or scales of measurement, types of variables…use the terminology from your class…are like the raw ingredients, to help choose a recipe (test of analysis), given you have the right cooking utensils to use the recipe (meet the assumptions of the test).

This is an A4 download wall poster for ease of reference as you review your class lectures. And you may want to liquid-paper out certain terms to use those from class.

I left lots of white space on the poster for you to add class notes/your insights and pictures, to aid your conceptualisation of the material. Consider how the construct of levels of measurement will be of use to you as a graduate psychologist: * Categorising journal articles by “usefulness-of-the-intervention-to-my-client” (nominal) * Monitoring a client’s progress, “On a scale 1-10, how stressed do you feel?” (ordinal)

* Comparing a client’s ‘total score’ with the ‘possible score range’ on a scale. (interval)

* Discussing the likelihood of a treatment to help a client given their circumstances. (ratio) Also, I encourage you to use this reference tool when critiquing a study for an assessment e.g., note the level of measurements used for the IV and DV and ask yourself: Is this ‘the best’ way they could have manipulated/measured their variables, given their study’s outcomes…? Could this explain why they found what they did? Do these levels of measurement indicate alternative reasons for the hypothesis being supported or not supported?

Give it a whirl and I’d love to hear how it goes for you. It’d be super too if you shared the resource with a classmate ~😊


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